Prologue to Walk with Yeshua

By Wes Myhre

In the past several years I have been on a phenomenal, biblical journey. Several hours per day, week, month, and year have been used in the furtherance of this expedition engaging in biblical study in one form or another, listening to scripture being read, reading it myself, listening to or attending a bible study, watching a video, praying, and/or discussing biblical principles.  This trek has been laced with some setbacks here and there, much progress overall, and the building of my faith, but most of all I have incurred a huge transformation in my assurance of YHWY/Yeshua. I began a blog to keep track of this experience as well as to help others understand how I have come about believing the things which I do.  Trust me, my convictions have  changed some, solidified some, and outright grew anew.  My hope is that everyone will journey with the Ruach Hakodesh, the Holy Spirit, and enjoy their, own tour.

As you have noticed, I use Hebraic terms.  Through my study I have found using different terms to be refreshing and all the while helping me stay out of used ruts and allowing me to travel through virgin terrain of truth. This usage of terms such as YHWH (God), Yeshua (Jesus), Tanakh, Tora, Rav Sha’ul, etc. is a visual reminder that I am putting aside manmade traditions and seeking divine truth. It helps me to remind myself to look at biblical canon from a different angle.  Stepping back and seeing the big picture can be awe inspiring and overwhelming all at the same time. I suppose we could equate this with Daniel first seeing the Angel of the Lord, and how he immediately fell to the ground in fear.  Stepping out in faith is never an easy thing to do, but in order to do, we must trust Yeshua to keep us from drowning, from falling, and from ourselves.  In part, I use the visual of these Hebrew terms to constantly remind me of where I am, where I am going, and where I have been all the while resting in the hands of Yeshua.

Throughout the blog I have written about myself to some degree, but I have tried to keep it to a minimum, because this it is about the journey where all the glory goes to YHWH.  Certainly, I have used my experiences and observations to help engage in understanding the leading of the Ruach Hakodesh.  Therefore, I have provided some of my history, which is peppered here and there throughout the blog, to afford you some sense of confidence in my decision making process, and in the same vein I am including this entry.

I have chased being the Keeper of YHWH’s truth as well as to observe others dogmatically pursuing that same office. This endeavor has caused many divisions within families, churches, and kingdoms. However, after studying the Bible for Yeshua’s truth and not for what I yearned for it to say, I have found YHWH does not need a Keeper of the Truth.  He is more than capable of guarding His own truth and those who learn it.  Our only effort should be to learn His truth, not the opinions of man.

Hence, what we need to be able to do is lay aside our preconceived man made certainties which we have gleaned from reading treatises, possibly out of context; from listening to commentators, who perchance had an agenda; from engaging in conversations with family and friends, which could come from an ill-informed understanding; from attending Sunday morning church services, where the pastors said things because it “preached good”; from studying faulty translations in which political influences unwittingly swayed the translators; and finally, from adhering to church traditions, which substantiate potential faulty habits and convictions.  In fact we are told to lay aside all that we have learned and start afresh each year.  We are told to test the spirits.  But this goes without saying, in testing the spirits we will find what is true and what is false.

For me in doing this, the first real big hurdle to overcome pertained to the acceptance of YHWH/Yeshua being big enough to protect His own truth and not needing me.  Yes, you could say it was a pride issue.  The path, which led over this hurdle and allowed me to lay aside everything I learned, is outlined in my blog entry, The Challenge.  This phase of my journey did not happen overnight, and I took baby steps in the process; furthermore, during my journey, I adopted a prayer to help me, and I still use it today in some form or another.

“Father God, please cover me with the Blood of the Lamb and protect me from all enemy intrusion.  I ask that you open my mind and heart, ears and eyes, to Your truth, cast out all unrighteous teaching I have learned through the years, and please renew my heart and mind in order that I can learn Your truth, hidden in plain view in Your Word.  Father God, please forgive me of my sins and help me to understand Your truth.  Father, please reveal to me all the lies I have been taught about Your Word and You.  Also, please grant me the discernment and strength to accept Your truth. I ask for these things in the name of Jesus, Amen.”

I have followed a path through the Bible professing that YHWH/Yeshua is never changing, where Yeshua admonished me to lay aside my own traditions, and where testing biblical traditions was the norm, which leads into another pitfall, of vexing the Holy Spirit.  Simply explained, testing the spirits is a command of Yeshua, not displeasing to the Holy Spirit, but in fact it shows our faith and trust when we practice His commands. We are to go naked to Yeshua, take down every wall with which we hide behind.

This is conveyed through the feast of unleavened bread, an object lesson, by ridding our house of leaven and starting anew, and in our case in this day and age not only physical yeast which raises dough in our home, but the spiritual leaven which influences or grows our thought and devotion in Yeshua’s temple.  119 Ministries in “The Leaven of Heaven” teaches this very principle.  Here is proof why continued adherences to the feasts are necessary.  We are to shed all that we know each year and start over, reread, restudy, reequip, and prepare again.

Though these studies of testing everything have often been long and arduous, I have found them to be quite profitable in that the very souls of my step-children, grandchildren, family, and friends may be at stake.  The unshakeable thought of “What are a few weeks compared to eternity?” continues to be spoken by a still small voice in the background of my mind, and then I hear, “Enough already with the three point sermons.”  (You can find out more about this practice at the Origin of the Three Point Sermon.)  Furthermore, the idea of listening to a sermon without time to question the speaker perplexes me.  We are to reason these things out, but simply accepting what one says without later on checking it out is almost unlawful if not a sin all together. Yes, we need to question and point out gross error in a loving manner to our neighbors and friends who are seeking after Yeshua’s truth, but those people who are not of Yeshua, we are to run from.

How many pastors endorse their congregations to question them during church services, when each service is time controlled in order that the next service can begin as scheduled?  Main stream churches set their services on a time line, so as not to interrupt football or other Sunday activities, such as eating roast beef with mashed potatoes and gravy.  What is practiced in the church is could be hypocrisy at the highest level.  Yes, the people are encouraged to leave comments or to ask questions on cards and hand them in; however, if an on-point question were to be put forward in your church service, how would the pastor respond?  Would the speaker take time to answer it?  Would time be an issue?  Would others be ready with an answer?  Does biblical proof get into the way of church doctrine? Learning is not being a sponge but being active; it is sharpening steel with steel.

Earlier, I talked about the first hurdle to jump that of not being the Keeper of the Truth.  The understanding, which led me to the conclude YHWY did not need me to function in that manner, came was a short essay by Ron Ammundsen, Paul Taught Torah.  Ron wrote about an investigation he conducted into the life of Rav Sha’ul, the Aapostle Paul.  His in depth case report propelled my spiritual hunger and thirst to search out and study about Rav Sha’ul’s life on my own.  What I found was amazing!  How he lived his life is completely different than what the contemporary, mainstream church purports.  The realization, Rav Sha’ul lived by Torah standards, revolutionized my own perception, but I find I have to constantly reassess that study because it is easy to fall in to the trap that Rav Sha’ul taught against Yeshua’s Torah, which is lawlessness and defined in 1 John..   Contemporary mainstream interpretations bear out the acceptance of this fatal deviation; however, a close study of the Old Testament about prophets in conjunction with reading about Rav Sha’ul will reveal the truth of how he lived.  However, you need to do that study yourself. Begin though, by reading Paul Taught Torah.

From my studies, I have found several things in which the main stream church has taught, wrong or right. I recall having arguments about prophets in which I definitively fought for the idea that YHWH still uses prophets in our contemporary day, as well as still having apostles.  My study has shown me neither to be true, but what stands is that of making disciples.  Besides, we tend to get too wrapped up in titles rather than biblical truth.  Finally, if you are to do an in depth study, remember to start from where Yeshua and Rav Sha’ul began.  You can read my study on this at Begin at the Beginning.  I will sum up what I learned in this study in one sentence, “The New Testament is commentary on the Old Testament.”  In the Brit Ha Chadasha you will not find any new prophecies but in depth revelation on existing ones.  This realization took me a while to accept.

Another fallacy, I found, is that I have always been taught we cannot know someone’s heart.  However, biblically speaking we will know people’s hearts by their fruits or their works.  You cannot earn your salvation.  But works is not a salvation issue.  Let me repeat myself.  Works is not a salvation issue. Following Yeshua’s commands is not a salvation issue.  Yeshua did not give Moshe (Moses) the Torah until after the marriage covenant was made.  You can even see this in the allegory of Moshe taking Israel out of Egypt and they were led by Yeshua. They were saved first then given laws or better translation, instructions.

Let me put it to you this way.  For the sake of the discussion there are two people, where one works for the sheriff, the deputy, and the other does not, a civilian.  Who has the authority of the sheriff, the deputy or the civilian? Only the deputy, he represents the sheriff and the deputy’s works are important to the community at large, such as arrests, serving papers, or plethora of other activity.  But he only has the authority to do this under the guise of the sheriff.  The civilian does not.  So the works of the civilian are not authenticated where as that of the deputy are only affective once he has taken the oath of office and puts on the uniform.  Have you ever noticed how once a deputy steps into uniform he can’t wait to do the works of the sheriff?  The deputy continues doing well for the community and himself when he operates within the policies of the sheriff. We need to act the same way when it comes to accepting Yeshua’s gift.  Follow His policies and directives in order to do well for his kingdom and ourselves.

The same goes for putting on Yeshua’s rob of righteousness, the works will come.  Therefore, wanting to follow Yeshua’s commands is a natural progression, and understanding what those commands are is the next step.  In order to understand whose commands are whose, it is important to realize who gave Moshe the commands for Israel, and who Israel is as opposed to the house of Israel and the house of Judah.  You can read the blog Not all Israelites are Jews.

Also, let me expound upon salvation.  You will not find a command from YHWH/Yeshua where salvation can be earned by working for it. This command was never and never will be issued.  What you need to realize is how salvation was established and when.  It was and will always be through Yeshua and established before the foundations of the world were set; therefore, Yeshua’s commands were not given for salvation reasons but really are instructions to show us sin, make our lives better, and to protect us to name a few benefits.  Once I understood, Yeshua is a loving parent, then, I appreciated His directives as nothing more than ways in which to make my life better.  And this leads me to a topic in which Yeshua gave Moshe the written Torah and commandments.  So, Yeshua telling us if we love Him then keep His commandments, now, has a whole new meaning. This took time to study out.

Studying Rav Sha’ul you will find he speaks of several laws.  Seek out which laws we are under and which ones we are not.  Most people confuse the Torah with the law of sin and death.  To study this out you can begin here at Misunderstood Verses of the New Testament. So when someone says, “You are no longer under the law.”  Ask them, “Which law they are talking about?” YHWH’s law really is instructions on how to live a divinely inspired life, whereas living any other way is lawlessness and rather useless when weighed on the scales of Kingdom living.

But this brings me to that law of not eating unclean food.  I would say understanding this concept had to have been the hardest for me to overcome.  I agonized for months over this instruction that is until I started studying end times prophecy and found where Yeshua reacted to those eating swine’s flesh and the mouse.  The moment of crystallization came when I heard Rob Skiba define a Christian’s love for Yeshua by attending a sunrise church service held on Sunday both of which hail of Mythraism brought to us by Constatine on a day we call Easter, which is a variation on Ishtar, and once all proceedings are completed, we retire the fleshy temples of Yeshua to a table where pork is sacrificed.  How do we love our Savior in this way?

Preparing the church for Yeshua’s return has all been forgotten.  Have we bought our oil and prepared our lamps.  Do we have the fuel for the light in us to shine on that wondrous eve?  I find it hard to see the church being prepared when we are being taught YHWH has a wife and Yeshua has a bride, where the bride will be pulled from earth when things become so bad that they cannot handle the situation anymore.  I learned more about the tribulation than I ever thought possible. I learned the church is not a failure, but rather victorious in completing Yeshua’s will for her.  To have some insight into this study go here, Do Not Be Deceived.

Well at this point you may be asking yourself, how does this self-proclaimed so called teacher know what he is talking about?  Good question, one I ask myself daily and pray about all the time.  Speaking of prayer, if you plan on studying or to continue to read any of my studies or do your own, you can do nothing better but to pray fervently that Yeshua will give you insight, strength, and courage to be a pupil of His.  Also, at this point I expect any of you reading this to study out what I say and not accept it at face value or to reject it at face value.  Remember ignorance is one thing but willingly being ignorant is totally a whole new ball of wax, and that is where I stood for several years and still do on some topics; however, I am trying to fall in line with the teachings of Yeshau and to walk like Him as Rav Sha’ul admonished us to do.  A simple point by point study of how Yeshua lived on earth is also revealing.

Back to the point of knowing what I am talking about, in my formal education I obtained a secondary education degree with majors in mathematics and English.  Both of which are important to understanding the world around us.  It is pretty simple to see how reading, writing, and speaking are important to gain understanding of Yeshua’s Word, but how does mathematics fit into this equation?  Basically put, mathematics teaches logic as well as having a pure set of instructions, not unlike those of Yeshau, since He is the creator of all things.  Think for a moment how everything is created and how everything works together for good.  There has to be a ridged set of rules in order for this to be accomplished.  Not unlike the rules in Geometry, Algebra, or Calculus.

In these disciplines the mathematician can proof certain ideas beyond a shadow of a doubt.  For instance why do we know 1+1 = 2, because it is provable?  However, in order to complete this proof certain theorems need to be proven by postulates, and then the mathematician can build upon those proofs, not unlike biblical truth. For instance postulates are rules assumed to be true and theorems are derived from using postulates to prove hypotheses or suppositions.  This same method can be applied to biblical interpretation as well.

Our postulate is the assumption of faith in which the Ruach Hakodesh leads us through the studies coupled with our in depth investigations. We will not be given answers readily in our heads, but we will be directed as to where to look and study to find those answers.  The search is half if not more the learning experience. For example, there are three things listed in the bible in which to use as a litmus test in discovering or testing our own doctrines:

  • God is never changing: was, is, and will be (Satan is never changing, always the father of lies);
  • It takes two or three witnesses to establish a matter;
  • God will reveal a matter to His Prophets.

You can read the proof here, Introduction.

Well I know, I have included quite a bit of information, and you may be too busy to look through it all. But let me quote what I hear from a still, small voice, “What are a few weeks compared to eternity?”  This blog is not an end all but a starting point with which to spring from in order to forge ahead on your own journey, as well as to show people why I believe the way I do, and as a journal of sorts.  But above all, hopefully, it can be light unto some.  Remember, we are asked to be lights in this world of darkness, which means we are to have oil in our lamps, and be ready for Yeshua and long to hear, “Well done, thou good and faithful servant.”


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